Get The Most Out Of Your Air Cannon With These Tips

Air cannons are versatile and essential mechanical devices in the material handling industry. Their primary role is to prevent material build-up inside silos, chutes, kilns, bins, hoppers, etc., and promote the smooth flow of materials. Material build-up in this equipment will often cause unscheduled downtime and cause material breakdowns. In addition, it will reduce the efficiency of your material handling processes and leave significant cost implications. Therefore, air cannons generally come with increased productivity, safer operation, and reduced costs.

However, knowing how to use air cannons efficiently is also critical and can make all the difference in the extent to which you enjoy these benefits. Here's how you can get the highest value from your air cannon.

Use The Correct Nozzle

The nozzles are some of the most vital components of your air cannon. They are designed to deliver streams of compressed air at different velocities to dislodge the build-up materials. Therefore, your choice of a nozzle can make all the difference in the performance of your air cannon. Air cannon nozzles are made from different materials, and they come in different sizes and configurations, so you must choose one carefully. You can start by assessing your application's environment. In what conditions do you intend to install the air cannon? Is it in a kiln where temperatures are likely to be high? Then you will need heavy-duty nozzles designed to withstand extreme temperatures. On the other hand, if your application entails chemicals, you will need to consider chemical resistance when selecting the nozzles. Air cannon nozzles can also be detachable or permanent. If your application entails excessive vibrations, permanent nozzles are the best. They are typically bolted or welded onto the air cannon. However, their detachable counterparts are easier to operate, especially when cleaning and making repairs.

Ensure Proper Air Management

Your air cannon needs a proper supply of compressed air to function. Therefore, emptying your air cannon's tank would seem counterintuitive. However, doing this, especially when the air cannon isn't in use, will go a long way in maintaining its efficiency and integrity. Naturally, pressurised devices tend to find ways to leak air. While this may happen at a slow rate, your air cannon will gradually leak air, which may impact its performance over time. In addition, the pressurised air strains other critical air cannon components. Emptying the tank can ease this pressure and help preserve the structural integrity of these components.

Leave Installation To The Professionals

Poor installation can also impact the efficiency of your air cannon. For instance, if it's installed too high or far from the build-up location, you may only notice when it's too late. Therefore, it's critical that you work with professionals during installation.  

For more information about air cannons, contact a local company.