Benefits of Rubber Extrusions for Your Industrial Machinery

As an owner of an industrial company, you should consider the benefits of rubber extrusions. Products made from premium rubber have many advantages over their metal or plastic counterparts and can reduce operating expenses.

Consider the following wide-ranging benefits that rubber extrusions offer.

Extended equipment lifespan

Continuous movement can lead to failure and damage in manufacturing equipment, particularly rigid machinery. 

The top manufacturing companies now offer rubber extrusions that can survive the noise and vibration produced by diesel engines, electrical motors, blowers and fans, compressors, punch presses, and other demanding machinery.

Advancements in material and technology allow the machinery to run more precisely and last a lot longer.

Cost efficiency

Conserving money is a powerful reason to switch to rubber products. You will spend less on rubber extrusions as the manufacturing cost of rubber is lower than that of other materials, regardless of whether you need standard or customized parts and components. 

As an added benefit, there is less waste produced in rubber manufacture.

While rubber extrusions are less expensive than aluminum or plastic, rubber's ability to stop the failure of an expensive piece of equipment with a single small component is an added benefit.

Improved comfort and environment

Because rubber extrusions lower the noise and vibrations of heavy machinery employees can work in a much more pleasant environment.  Additionally, less noise and vibration will improve safety and have fewer negative health effects on the operator. 


Often you need some flexibility in design apart from the standard available rubber extrusions. A reliable manufacturing company will provide you with an almost endless range of products, in, shape, size, weight, and color options.

Requests for extrusion shapes can be accommodated including string forms, triangles rectangles, and additional shapes. In fact, the producer can make hollow parts using added compressions and the same of the same outline when making seals. 

In order for the manufacturing firm to create your design with precision, you will need to supply information about the dimensions, including applications, environmental conditions, and tolerance.

Wide selection of rubber types

Although natural rubber is preferred because it outperforms other rubbers in its resistance to fatigue and build-up of heat, there are many other options. Manufactured rubbers, such as silicone, isoprene, polyurethane, and many more, may better fit your requirements.

A well-established, leading manufacturer will be able to assist you make the choice of the precise rubber extrusions for your particular requirements.

For more info about rubber extrusions, contact a local company.