Dog Proofing Your Fence: 3 Practical Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Digging Under the Fence

Dog fences have many benefits to both the dogs and the owners. A fence will keep your dog safe by preventing it from running into the streets and potentially getting hit by a car or fighting with other animals. It also keeps other dangerous animals outside, enhancing your dog's safety. If you have quite a fierce dog that's perhaps still being trained, a fence will help keep the dog from running around the neighbourhood, scaring, knocking down, or even biting people and other animals. However, it's relatively common for dogs to try to escape the fence for many reasons, such as boredom or to hunt. And they can do so in many ways, like jumping over the fence or digging under it. The good thing is that you can prevent it. For digging dogs, here are some quick tips to help you prevent this.

Use Chicken Wire or L-Footers

Adding chicken wire or an L-footer underneath your dog fence is one practical way to keep it from digging underneath and escaping. With chicken wire, you can leave it on top of the grass or remove the topsoil and install it underneath. Remember to roll sharper edges of the chicken wire away from your yard to keep the dog from getting hurt.

Landscape Your Property With Large Rocks Along the Dog Fence

Adding large rocks along the fence is an alternative to using chicken wire, but you can have them both for even better control against digging. The added advantage of using rocks is that they are a landscaping feature that can transform your yard's kerb appeal. Just like chicken wire, you can slightly dig around the edge of your dog fence and fill the space with small rocks before adding the landscaping rocks. However, keep in mind that weeds can quickly grow between the rocks. Therefore, add landscaping fabric underneath or on the topsoil before you fill the area with rocks.

Use Smelly Deterrents

Different kinds of smells can also help deter dogs from going near the fence. Many stores sell smelly deterrents that help keep your dog away from the fence. Capsicum spray, for instance, is among the top solutions you may consider using. All you need to do is spray it around your fence and leave it to dry for the recommended amount of time before letting your dog out. Do this repeatedly over a few weeks, and the dog will eventually learn not to go close to the fence.

To learn more, contact a dog fencing supplier.