3 Ways to Use a Boom LIft for Home and Landscape Remodeling

Remodeling jobs that incorporate exterior remodeling jobs and landscape upgrades can be challenging. This is especially true if you are taking them on as a DIY endeavor. One aspect of this monumental task is to decide what equipment you should hire and what you should buy. One piece of equipment for hire to consider is a boom lift. Here are three ways a boom lift can benefit your home and landscape remodeling project.

Guttering Renovations

One aspect of your exterior home remodeling that may be a current issue is guttering. You can renovate, repair, or install guttering options using a ladder but that can be dangerous. It is also time consuming since you have to move the ladder every few inches or feet of installed guttering. When you use a cherry picker, or smaller boom lift, you have the ability to reach a larger space of guttering. You do not have to lean, you won't risk a dangerous fall, and you don't have to spend time climbing up and down as often as you would with a traditional ladder.

Exterior Trim Work

Some exterior home renovations will lead to either adding exterior trim or replacing the trim that is there. This task can be easy if you have basic carpentry skills, but it can be challenging if you don't have the equipment to reach the harder-to-access areas of your home. One way to reach these areas safely is to have a boom lift. Ideally, you will have one that is controlled with electronic control panels. This makes it easier to move the lift left, right, up, or down. This is ideal if you are dealing with trim work that could be attached in harder-to-reach or higher areas.

Tree Pruning

Most landscaping upgrades and renovations are down at ground level, or close to it. There are some that may be higher than normal. For example, you may have some tree pruning that needs to be handled in order to upgrade your landscape to match the new curb appeal of your exterior home remodeling. A boom lift is ideal for this job. It allows you to reach varying heights to trim and prune back harder-to-reach trees around the home and surrounding landscape of the property. With certain sizes of boom lifts, you may be able to handle one entire side of a tree with the proper planning.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use a boom lift to help with your home and landscape remodeling. If you think you are ready to go to a boom lift hire, contact your local representative. They can help with pricing and with scheduling a delivery of the boom lift you choose.