How to Maintain Your Electric Vibrating Motors

An electric vibrator can be described as mechanical equipment which is used in the generation of vibrations. This vibration is usually created through the use of an electronic motor which has an unbalanced mass placed on its driveshaft. There are various electric vibrating motors in the industry depending on the application. For perfect service, timely maintenance has to be done on the machine. Here is a simple guide that will help you get the best out of your electric vibrating motors from a place like VSS - Vibration Systems & Solutions (Australia).

  1.  Replacement Bearings – A bearing is quite an essential part of any electric vibrating motor. This is a device which guides, supports and reduces friction between the fixed and moving parts of a machine. When you purchase replacement bearings for your vibrator, it is essential to store them in the original package. This will prevent the bearings from getting scattered and lost. They should never be placed on a dirty surface to avoid cases of corrosion. Once the bearings in your motor need replacement, use identical bearings to promote better working of your vibrator. If you are unaware of the sizes, you can contact your manufacturer or distributor for the interchange information. You should also never wash new bearings before installation trying to get them clean. They are packaged and shipped free from any dirt and cleaning them might result in removal of the protective slushing compound.
  2. Lubrication – To make sure your electric vibrator motor works well, it is essential always to lubricate the bearings. This does not only prevent wear but also seals out dirt and protects the rolling elements from rusting. Lubrication also keeps out all other contaminants in the atmosphere. It is, however, necessary to consult with your manufacturer about the type of lubricating your system requires as some use oil while others grease. When lubricating, you should use the correct practises. Many electric vibrating motors fail due to cases of over greasing. This leads to burst seals which eventually allow the grease to get into the motor windings. Before deciding to oil your electric vibrating motor, it is essential to know just how much lubrication your device requires.
  3. Be on the Lookout for Danger Signals – When you own an electric vibrating motor, it is essential to be watchful for any signs that might be indicating failure. For instance, the motor can produce excessive noise, unlikely vibrations and temperatures if there is a problem with the bearings. Knowing such symptoms and their meanings will work to ensure your electric vibrating motor remains functional. In case of any signals, always seek expert help in resorting the issue and ways of keeping the problem at bay.