Heat-Treated Wooden Pallets and Why You Should Choose Them

Believe it or not, but wooden pallets are among the widespread pallet systems used around the world today. The reason behind this is that wood, unlike other materials, is both durable and renewable—hence its suitability for use in pallets.

In recognition of the massive volume of wood pallets being shipped across the globe, the international community agreed that there is need to check the wood condition. This is to ensure no nasty bugs hide in the timber and cause devastation in the destination countries. The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), a multi treaty comprising 183 parties, came up with the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures no. 15 (ISPM 15), a packaging standard aimed at protecting the forests of the world from disease.

Among the treatment recommendations fronted by ISPM 15 is heat treatment of wooded packaging materials and stamping them to serve as evidence that they indeed have been treated in accordance to the standard. You may ask what the benefits of heat-treated wooden packaging materials are. Well, below are some of the top benefits.

Minimised Chemical Health Risks

The heat-treatment process doesn't require chemicals, and this is a plus for both manufacturers and shipping companies. There is guaranteed safe handling during the treatment process and exposure to chemicals such as copper metallic salts, chrome and methyl bromide is eliminated altogether. This gives you a safe shipping package for your products.

Enhanced Pallet Shelf Life

Heat treatment is one of the prime methods that has been used for ages in preserving wood. Today, science has thrown its weight behind this treatment process, arguing that it alters the composition of wood, which makes it extremely difficult for it to decompose, even when exposed to humid and damp conditions. Heat-treated pallets have demonstrated impressive resistance to fungi and other microorganisms which cause wood rotting. Similarly, treating wood through heat enhances its impermeability and hardening, which in turn minimises chances of swelling and shrinkage.

Environmental Friendliness

Wooden pallets can be recycled and put to other uses, such as making barn flooring material for farm animals and wood chips. Unlike plastic pallets, wooden pallets do not stress the ozone layer because their treatment doesn't use or release any toxic chemicals to the atmosphere. When you treat wooden pallets through heat, you get rid of moisture lodged into the wood. Additionally, you enhance the composition and alter the wood properties so that it doesn't suck up moisture. This makes it weigh less and hence reduces your shipping costs.