5 Fun Projects to Make Out of Galvanised Pipes

Galvanised pipes are generally made of steel or another sturdy metal or alloy, but they have been treated to withstand corrosion. You can use galvanised pipes in plumbing and a range of industrial applications, but you can also use these pipes to make fun items for use around your house. Here are some ideas:

Towel Racks

Galvanised steel towel racks are a great way to echo the idea of the plumbing pipes in your wall, while also creating functional towel racks for your wall. You simply put two base plates on the wall, and then, you attach elbows to those bases and run a straight pipe between them. If you like, you can even make a toilet paper holder to match.

Clothes Rack

Need a place to dry clothes indoors? Short of closet space and need a spot for your clothing? In both cases, you can make a hanging rack with galvanised pipes.

Simply get a wood base. That can be a piece of wood that sits on the ground or a small chest of drawers. Then, attach two pipes running upward, add some elbows, and run another pipe in between them. Then, use that centre pipe to hang clothing on.


If you're really really crafty, you can make an industrial looking lamp out of galvanised pipes. You put the pipes together in a pattern that looks compelling to you. For instance, you could craft a pipe sculpture that looks like a small person, create a straight floor lamp or any other design. Then, you put a lamp kit which usually consists of a cord with a plug, wires to run through the lamp, a light bulb attachment for the top, and a switch.


You can make a range of fun shelves out of some galvanised pipe and a few planks. Simply make the frame of the shelf with pipes arranged in a rectangular pattern. Then, attach some smaller pipes running parallel to the floor. Finally, fit the planks or shelves on top of the pipes that are parallel with the ground. For extra stability, you can play with designs that use base plates to attach the shelf right to the ground.


To make a chair, create the basic chair shape using a range of short pipes of galvanised pipe and elbows. Then, place a seat and a back on the chair. That can be made of wood, and you can add cushions for extra comfort.

Contact a company that can help you make a rectangular hollow section for more information and assistance.