Using a Hired Boom Lift Safely

If you own an industrial unit, a boom lift hire can provide you with a range of lift options which can allow your contractors and other staff to easily access hard to reach areas and to work at height. If you are thinking about hiring a boom lift for your industrial unit, it is important that you and your staff understand how to operate the machine safely. Below is a guide to 4 things you avoid doing when operating a boom lift that you have hired:

Do not use the boom lift on sloped ground

Boom lifts are designed for use on level ground. When the machinery is located on level ground, the centre of gravity will be located between the ground unit and the extended boom arm and will be perfectly balanced. However, if you operate the boom lift on sloped ground, the centre of gravity may shift has the boom is extended. This could cause the machine to suddenly tip over placing the lives of those working in the boom, and anyone in the surrounding area at risk of injury or death. If you wish to use a boom lift on sloped ground, you will need to hire a type of lift which has supporting arms which can be deployed to stabilise the equipment when it is in operation. 

Do not use an additional ladder to increase the height of the boom

The boom lift you hire will have a maximum lift height. If you find that the boom does not quite reach the height you require, you may be tempted to place a ladder on the boom platform so reach the desired height. However, this is extremely dangerous. Boom lifts are not designed to accommodate additional equipment such as ladders. Not only is there a very high risk that the ladder will slip from the boom platform, but the use of a ladder on the platform could also destabilise the lift equipment and cause it to topple over. 

Do not use boom lifts near power lines

Before beginning work, it is important that you check that there is no overhead power equipment in place. You should not use boom lifts near overhead power lines. Even if they are not coming into direct contact with the wires, your workforce will still be at risk or electrical arcs which can jump a great distance. If you need to work near electrical lines, you should ensure that the electrical supply is switched off before raising the boom lift.

If you would like further advice, you should contact an industrial equipment supply company.