Questions to ask before having your hydraulic pump repaired

Hydraulic pumps form part of many commercial and industrial systems. You don't spend much time thinking about them until something goes wrong. The pump just works away quietly doing its job until suddenly the system stops working and you need to find someone who can undertake hydraulic pump repairs fast.

There are a lot of types of hydraulic pumps including piston pumps, vane pumps, and gear pumps so make sure that the company you choose has sufficient experience in repairing your type of pump, and will be able to get your system up and running again quickly so that you can get back to work.

What do their customers say?

Your hydraulic pump is not only a vital part of the day-to-day operations of your business, it is probably also a significant financial investment. If you are paying someone to repair it you will want to know whether or not that company is the right choice for the task. One of the easiest ways of doing that is by reading reviews or comments left by past customers. Look for people who possess the same type of pump, and ensure that they all received a service with which they were happy. A solid reputation for quality repairs is a good indication of the service you will receive.

What type of repairs to they do?

Most companies will tell you that they undertake all types of hydraulic pump repairs, but often their main specialty is a particular type of repair and testing. One of the most vital repairs that you will want to be sure that your chosen repair company can undertake successfully is a hydraulic cylinder repair. Repairing a cylinder will often involve completely stripping down the cylinder before a full diagnosis of the problem can be made. Affecting a proper repair may require a company with access to a machine shop with the ability to fabricate parts as needed. It is always worth inquiring what repair facilities the company has available before you commit your business to them. Do they have their own fully equipped workshop with a High-Pressure Test Bed? Do they have any alternative testing procedures to ensure that the repaired pump will operate effectively under normal operational conditions?

Finding out about your chosen repair company before you commit your business to them will give you the confidence that they have the right skills and experience to deliver a quality repair no matter what the problem is with your hydraulic pump.