Welding Supplies to Help You Land More Freelance Welding Jobs

There are many ways both online and through word of mouth to help freelance welders find the right seasonal or contract job. The trick to landing the right jobs is in having the right supplies at your disposal since most freelance positions do not offer you much in the way of provided equipment. With that in mind, having the right welding supplies could mean a much higher paying freelance position or long-term contract. Here are a few of those supplies and what you should know about each one.

Basic Welding Safety Gear

There are several pieces of welding safety gear that most any freelance job for welders will request the welder to already have. The basic gear consists of a face shield and helmet along with protective gloves, pants and aprons. A basic safety gear set would include safety or protective clothing for every part of your body that is specifically rated for welding. If you are a welder that specializes in a specific form of welding, like MIG welding, then there are other pieces of specific safety gear you may want to have like MIG welding helmets and pants.

Portable Welding Machine

As you begin to branch out and get more clients, you may find that most of the jobs available for freelance welders do not provide welding equipment in any form. Others may offer the ability to use their equipment for a hire fee that is withdrawn from your payment for the job. If you want to gain as many jobs as possible to keep you busy throughout the year, then you may want to consider your own portable welding machine. Ideally, you may want to have specific machines for specific jobs so you can branch out even further. For example, if you are skilled in MIG, ARC and TIG welding then you may want a machine that can either handle all three or one for each.

Repair Parts and Supplies

When you work on various sites and projects, you will end up with extra pieces and parts. You may also have repair parts that you gather over time. Keeping these as part of your supplies means that you will have the ability to keep working on a job if equipment breaks down or if you run out of certain supplies during a huge project. This helps reduce your downtime for repairs as well, especially if you have some of the main repair parts you know break down often.

By keeping this short list of basic welders supplies in mind, you can be better prepared for various jobs that may arise and apply for those jobs with the confidence of knowing you have what you need. If you aren't sure that you have what you need to start taking on freelance jobs for welders, consider looking at different postings and making notes on what they require to see some of the more frequently requested items.