5 Checks Before Operating a Boom Lift

Operators can avoid some aerial lift equipment accidents by checking their equipment thoroughly before they start using that equipment each day. This article discusses some of the important pre-operation checks that operators should perform before using boom lifts.

Gauges and Instruments

You should observe all the instruments and the different gauges of your boom lift. Make sure that each of those components is working properly. For instance, does the engine oil indicator tell you whether the engine oil is sufficient? You can check the actual amount of oil in the reservoir so that you confirm that the gauge is conveying accurate information. Never operate a boom lift if any of its instruments or gauges isn't working.

Function Controls

It is also advisable to test the different controls to confirm that they don't have any defects. For instance, find out whether the boom can be raised, lowered, retracted or extended without any difficulty. Test and confirm that the platform can also be raised, rotated or extended. Only use the boom lift once you are sure that all its controls are working properly.

The Fuel Level

What power source does your boom lift use? Check the level of the charge on the battery if it is an electric boom lift. Check the fuel level if the boom lift uses an internal combustion engine. Top up the fuel if you find that it is running low.

The Warning Devices

You should also test the horn or any other audible warning device that the boom lift is equipped with. Check the warning lights as well. These warning devices help to alert other people, such as pedestrians, that a lift vehicle is being used in the area. Those people will then be cautious so that they don't get involved in any accident with the boom lift.

The Data Plate

It is also important to check the data plate of the boom lift before you operate the lift. The data plate stipulates the maximum loading capacity of the aerial lift vehicle. This information will help you to avoid overloading the boom lift when you start using it.

It is usually advisable to have a detailed checklist that you follow when you are performing the pre-operation inspection of the boom lift. Use the information above as a starting point to develop that checklist. You can also consult suppliers of aerial lift equipment for advice about the contents of a recommended boom lift pre-operation checklist.